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Joint Surgical was founded in 1986 as a surgical manufacturer and exporter. Joint Surgical Encouraged by its success in the respective field to offer its instruments to the medical profession the world over. Over a past decade, Joint Surgical has established itself as the best quality manufacturer and exporter of surgical instruments & scissors in Pakistan.

To ensure that Joint Surgical provides the finest products, Joint Surgical has achieved certification to SCCI. Joint Surgical products are also CE Certified.

Joint Surgical, Unique to its counterparts, promises the finest instrument tailored by master craftsmen, and backed by the high-tech machines. Joint Surgical under go a series of rigorous parental inspections to ensure quality control according to the standards set forth by FDA.

In today's demanding healthcare environment, investing in Joint Surgical is a smart move to control cost and add value to patient care.

Raw forging 20000 pieces daily
Finished goods 30000 pieces per month

Manufacturers & exporters of
• Surgical instruments
• Dental Instruments
• Manicure Instruments
• Hallowware
• Orthopedic Instruments
• Electro Instruments
• Scissors of all kinds

ESTABLISHED IN 1994 (as local supplier of raw forging)

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Joint Surgical

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