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About Us

About us:

Joint Surgical Corporation Started in 2011 as Scissors Manufacturer. Registration # A-29752.

  • How we started:

Our family is very much engaged in the scissor manufacturing industry. Producing reliable scissors at a reasonable price is our passion. We examine our market, and we feel there is a gap between quality scissors and affordable prices. We started Manufacturing scissors in 2011.

  • What we Manufacture:

Joint surgical manufacture the desired range of hair-cutting scissors, thinning scissors, plastic handle scissors, shaving razors, barber salon apron. In dog grooming, we make dog grooming straight scissors, curved scissors, extremely curved scissors, thinning scissors, blending scissors, ball/safety scissors, scissors sets, scissors fancy leather cases, stripping knives in extra-fine, fine, medium, and coarse teeth, dog undercoat rakes, stripping stones. Other than this, we also produce customized groomer and barber products.

  • How we manufacture:

We take starting from stainless steel buying and cuts in required sizes. After heating the steel, we used a press hammer, got the necessary shape of steel, trimmed the rough area, and got the final forging piece. After that, we do different processes like drilling, milling, heat temper treatment, ring inside grinding, outside grinding, scissor blade inside and outside grinding, rough setting, scissor straightening, scissor hollow grinding, passivation, polishing, washing, screw fixing, adjustment of the scissor, edging and cutting the check. We finally packed beautiful scissors in a beautiful and sturdy case.

  • How we control Quality:

We always love to make each pair of scissors with proper care, so that’s why we check the labor work in each process. We never passed the scissors, which are not meet our quality requirements. In the end, we both (mr. Umer and asim) personally check the scissors’ quality.

  • Why we are different than other local makers:

We are a research-based company, and we start manufacturing with a mission to serve the people who want quality scissors at an affordable. Our prices and quality both have a good match-up. Here in sialkot, many people supply scissors. The majority of scissors are low standard and not cut for a good period. Most of the importers from around the world disappoint with the quality level. Our company kept all these things in mind and brought improvement in our scissors from time to time. Our customers are happy with the quality of the scissors we manufacture and supply.

Meet our team

Joint Surgical Corporation has a reliable team with a clear vision. We believe there is a gap in the Scissors manufacturing industry between sound quality and affordable prices. With this in mind, we gathered in 2011 to reduce the gap between good quality scissors and affordable Prices. Our Team is thriving in the vision to offer quality scissors at an affordable price.

Joint Surgical Corporation
Joint Surgical Corporation