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Steel We Craft:

The use of inferior-quality steel is a setback for our scissor industry, and inconsistent quality is also an issue for international buyers. Most suppliers do not even know about the international quality standard and get substandard scissors from the market and supply them to their customers, ruining the goodwill of the industry. Joint Surgical Corporation has been involved in the scissor manufacturing process since 2011.

Our company started manufacturing scissors in Japanese steel 420c, and this steel is not bad for scissors. After some time, a few customers asked us for the best steel, and the company moved one step up and chose 440c Japanese steel for our scissors.

What we make 

joint surgical corporation
joint surgical corporation
joint surgical corporation
joint surgical corporation

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Semi Convex Edge:

Semi Convex edge is reliable and brings accuracy to your hair cutting work. This edge is quite similar to a convex edge, But blades are sharpened to a lesser degree during the sharpening process. Semi Convex edge is very smooth, sharp, delicate, and produces no noise while cutting. Semi Convex edge scissors cut all kinds of hair nicely. Lower quality metals cannot hold this edge, so they are usually made from higher quality Steel to get good results from the edge.

semi convex edge scissor

Bevel Edge:

The bevel edge is also known as German edge. A beveled edge is highly durable. The edge is not as sharp as a semi-convex edge, but the edge angle allows for more extended durability. Bevel-edged scissors are excellent for blunt cutting but unsuitable for advanced cutting techniques like slide cutting and slicing. The beveled edge blade is the oldest design, and Mostly average quality steel scissors have this edge.  The bevel edge is easy to sharpen as compared to the convex edge.

bevel edge scissor