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1. AUS-10 Japan Steel:

AUS-10 steel is produced by the Aichi Steel Company, founded in Tokai city in Japan. Many people didn’t know it in the past. Still, it started gaining popularity when used in most imported Japanese Scissors. AUS-10 steel is one of the best mid-level steels used to make good-quality Scissors. It has good edge retention, hardness, toughness, and corrosion resistance.
AUS-10 steel is the best type of steel under the AUS series (AUS-6, AUS-8, and AUS-10), with its high carbon and vanadium content. Additionally, AUS-10 is stainless steel as it contains high amounts of Chromium in its alloy. It is easy to sharpen, durable, rust-resistant, and usually reasonably priced.

2. 440c Japan Steel:

440c is the Famous and Best Steel Available in Pakistan for Hair Cutting and Dog Grooming Scissors. It is A Perfect All-Rounder in its Resistance, Hardness, and Practical Use at Forging Scissor Blades. It Has A Higher Density Which Makes A Smoother Surface Possible. HRC Hardness For 440c Steel is 57 To 59 Generally. This Steel Holds An Edge For An Extended Period: Convex And Semi-Convex Edge Scissors Are Made In 440c Steel. This Steel Re-Sharpens Well.

3. 420c Japan Steel:

420c steel is the second-best steel available in Pakistan for Haircutting and Dog Grooming scissors. It has high Chromium, and because of this, it is well-known for its high corrosion resistance in most industrial environments and atmospheres. Moreover, 420 is also durable, making it a great choice among scissors makers. The Normally HRC Hardness is 54  to 56. Mostly bevel edge scissors are made in this steel.

4. 420 High Carbon Steel:

410 High carbon is locally made steel. Most international buyers do not like scissors made in this steel because of their less durable edge. HRC Hardness for high carbon steel is 51 to 53. Only bevel edge scissors are made in this steel. High carbon steel scissors are usually used in hair cutting schools, academies, and general home haircutting work. We only use this steel on customer demand.